s4m13337's website



Thanks for stopping by my website. I'm s4m13337 (obviously not my real name). I am a programmer by profession, learner by vocation and a hobbyist musician. To know more about me, visit the about page.

This is a space where I decompress, vent my frustration and sometimes share my stories and experiences. Have fun!

Note: This site is built using Emacs B-)

What do I do here?

  • I write notes about whatever I'm currently learning.
  • Occasionally, I record my travel experiences and stories.
  • Sometimes, I rant about things happening around me.

Why do I write here?

  • Because I can! I can write whatever I want and no algorithm is going to filter it from the world.
  • I've taken the red pill and kicked social media out of my life.
  • I pity those who continue to live in bubble of social media.

Why is this website so plain?

  • Because that is the way it is supposed to be!
  • I always advocate minimal design.
  • Minimal design adds maximum value to the actual content.